Mind-led life vs being-guided life

Mind-led vs Being-led life

When life seems to be going well, goals are being achieved, and everything seems to be going your way, it can feel like you have it all together. You're controlling everything, and it seems you'll achieve whatever it is that you want. 

But what often ends up happening is it all falls apart. Now all of a sudden, whatever you were relying on is gone. In that moment, it's instantly clear where your source was placed. And where it wasn't.

Even though it's painful, that's a beautiful space. A potent space. A space to perceive beyond your normal awareness how your life is put together.

I was recently talking with a friend who's experiencing that now. His experience is that when he's able to drop into his spirit, there's continual peace. But whenever he returns to the mind-led way, there's anxiety or depression. It's caused him to be much more aware of the difference between when he's running his life by mind and when spirit is flowing through.

This awareness of what realm you're living from — mind or spirit — is critical to transitioning into a more aligned life. When you don't know which "operating system" you're using, you just default to whatever happens to be running. A lot of times that's the mind and ego playing all the tricks it can to foster your egoic identity and attempt to control everything.

Here's some key differences between a mind-led life and a spirit-led life:

Mind-led life
Spirit-led life
  • Sees self and others as separate entities
  • Wholeness; knowing that all is already one
  • Focus is on survival and getting what is wanted
  • Focus is on expanding and loving
  • Thinks in terms of good and bad
  • At the core, all that is, is love
  • Happy when achieving; depressed when not
  • Always peaceful, synchronous, and aligned
  • Trying to do (or avoid) what you "should" do
  • Create in each human's unique way
  • Trying to achieve goals
  • Allowing life to unfold
  • Striving for perfection
  • Accepting what is and creating expansively
  • Clings and attaches to what it wants
  • Fosters environment for desires to easily flow in
  • Sees life as a series of problems to solve
  • “Problems” do not exist; creating beauty from what is
  • Stuck energy to push through or fix
  • Peaceful, clear energy
  • Try to please each other to be accepted
  • Sharing presence
  • Try to believe there’s enough
  • An inner confidence that all that is needed comes
  • Try to listen to others but really care about self
  • Open-hearted loving
  • Desperate to heal and fix itself
  • Filling the life and thereby healing it just by being
  • Doesn’t accept self and feels I should be different
  • Loves the character with all the personality quirks

Transitioning from a mind-led life to a spirit-led life can't be done by mind; you can't just try to do the spirit life behaviors and achieve that result. 

Rather, what's needed is choosing to make this shift and allowing your being to lead the human into it. It's a path of genuine trust that is developed the more you know the space of your inner being. 

When you learn to access your inner voice, this makes a huge difference, because your inner voice can directly guide the human through this transition.

Wherever you are in your journey, know that you're loved at each step along the way. You're never obligated to go beyond. But when you're passionate and eager and ready to embark on a more aligned lifestyle, your inner being can show you the way.


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