When all that is calls you to all that you can be


Who this is for

  • You’re going farther and deeper than anyone you know. Your spiritual pursuit is core to who you are. Friends and family don’t get it, so you often find yourself alone.
  • Your inner alignment matters more to you than pretty much anything else. So when you feel pressured to please people, you rebel inside — even if outwardly you go along with what they want.
  • You have a secret (or not so secret) practice where you write to yourself or receive powerful epiphanies. Or you find yourself “just knowing” where other people struggle to understand.
  • You care deeply about people, humanity, or what you see as your calling. You know you’re here to make a difference. And you're determined to do whatever it takes to step into your life purpose.

What's offered here

You're invited to take a step below the mind into the place in you that is always at peace, in love, in knowing. The place that never doubts, does not fear, that holds steady no matter the storms that life brings.

In inner voice sessions, we access this space and receive wisdom and guidance. We use questions from your mind to invite answers from your inner voice. The answers come in ways that meet both your external questions and your inner needs for peace and feeling loved.

To access your inner voice, you'll either write a question and then write the answer that comes from your depth, or you can voice record. In voice recorded sessions, you ask a question out loud and then verbally say the words that arise from your inner being.

As you come into more and more trust of your inner voice and develop your aptitude for holding this space and integrating what you receive, this work has the power to utterly transform you into realizing your divine essence and living more and more as Love expressing through human form.

I offer training on accessing your inner voice both by teaching ways to start your own conversation in your own private space and by facilitating 1 on 1 sessions. I also offer courses and packages to teach how to use your inner voice to evolve. And I share my own ongoing dialogue with inner voice both as a sample of where you can go and as direct raw teaching from being about what the human life is designed to be.

  • Inner Voice Life

    “I have worked intimately with Eva over the past year . . . and trust her completely. She is a profound space holder with an ability to bring a unique perspective to every question and challenge. I’ve never felt more deeply and presently supported in my own personal healing and growth work and in developing and deepening my connection with Inner Voice. She is a gift and truly changed my life. I’m beyond grateful to have found her . . . and forever changed by her work 🤍”

  • Inner Voice Life

    “I am normally a very positive stable person, but I recently had a very hard week, where depression had set in and I was struggling to see the light of hope at the end of my tunnel. Eva worked through two different exercises with me, including an inner voice session that allowed me to see below the pain body I was stuck in, as well as an exercise where I wrote out, over and over, my own previous words about how I believe in myself and my resolve. Between these two activities, my depression lifted over the course of 24 hours, to the point that I didn't even recognize the person from the week prior!”

  • Inner Voice Life

    “My Inner Healing Session with Eva was magical. She held beautiful space in a way that allowed me to feel safe and supported so that I could fully experience the emotional release and clearing that my Inner Voice was helping to guide me through. The support and guidance she offered during and after the session was warm and welcoming and allowed the mind to feel at ease so it could fully settle into the session and allow the Inner Voice to come through. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a big ‘spring cleaning’ of old, stuck energetic crap!”

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Eva Live is an inner voice facilitator and spiritual coach and teacher who helps clients tune in to hear inner wisdom directly. Raised in evangelical Christianity, she journeyed through deconstruction of religious beliefs in search of what's real. After a spiritual re-awakening, she developed the ability to be led by Source directly into realization and mastery via inner voice conversations.

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