Sample Inner Voice Sessions

My own inner voice sessions are the core of my work. I think of them as dipping a bucket into the well of source depth and bringing up understandable life-changing wisdom that's not just conceptual but is full of the contents, all the way down to love.

For years, I used to write to my inner voice. I would write questions, and wise answers would come. It's a great way to get started (if you want to try it, I have a getting started guide here). But now I almost exclusively voice record my sessions. This allows me to go way deeper and fully be with the experience, knowing that everything that comes through is being recorded. 

They're where I personally go from the human perspective to be taught and held and moved beyond painful, debilitating, or faulty assumptions. In the sessions, I tend to voice journal about what the human is with while starting it. The session can then be about that, or I have a list of questions I've been building over time, and I will bring one of the questions and hear the inner voice's perspective.

Many of my sessions require background information to understand — for example, teachings that are building on other teachings. Others are too personal to share, usually because they talk about private people who didn't agree to have their conversations with me shared publicly. Some are just not relevant when they're about details of my life and business.

But I do want to share as much as I can of the sessions, even parts that are very personal to me, because there is incredible teaching in them that I believe is needed by humanity. What's brought through in context of my own life can be used by many humans.

So I've chosen a tiered approach to sharing these sessions. Here on my public site, I'll be sharing the most accessible, widely-applicable sessions that give a taste of what this inner voicing approach is all about. In my membership site, I'm creating a session library (coming soon!) of all the sharable session content as well as background contextual information. This library will be accessible via a monthly subscription.

I'm often astounded at how I'll come to a session with the human in deep pain, and a few minutes or even seconds in that space completely shifts things. My hope is that listening to and/or reading these sessions will inspire your own journey and create awareness of what can be come to when we move beyond the egoic mind into the being that fully knows and fully loves.

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