Courses and Workshops

Here you'll find a listing of existing courses and workshops for sale. Any upcoming events will show up here too.

As of 5/29/24, I'm just starting to build this out, as I have several existing courses and workshops to offer. But anything you see here is already available for purchase. 

Past Workshops

Beyond Superstition cover

Beyond Superstition

Your life doesn't have to be determined by fate.

$20, pre-recorded workshop

When synchronicities happen, it can feel really exciting, like this is what you're "meant" to do. Whether within or outside of religion, I've heard countless times the urge to figure out what you "should" do, and what the universe/God/source is guiding you towards.

I recognize the need for guidance. But there's some mistaken assumptions at the root of all this. When you're constantly searching for synchronicities to guide your path, you're not developing your own internal sovereignty and alignment.