About Eva Live


Hi, I’m Eva Live, inner voice facilitator, teacher, coach, and author.

From a background of being raised in Evangelical Christianity through leaving religion and later exploring energy healing, ecstatic dance and other ways of spiritually connecting, I’ve encountered spiritual depths since a teenager and explored my spirituality in many ways, always marked by a quest for the real, a prayer for reality.

My inner voice journey began at age 20, when I wrote questions in my journal, and deep, wise, loving answers appeared in my awareness. That practice continued here and there, throughout the years, amongst other spiritual practices.



It emerged in a heightened way in March 2020, just before the pandemic hit. I’d been listening to a podcast a friend recommended, The Lively Show, and I became fascinated by Jess (Bella) Lively’s facilitation of clients to hear their inner voice. She simply had them take a breath and drop in, and then she asked a question their mind couldn’t answer, and something wise, profound, and freeing would come.

I soon integrated Jess’s way of asking questions into my own work and began voice recording my own self-facilitated inner voice sessions.

That’s when things really took off. I found that accessing inner voice was very natural for me, and I could use it for understanding how life works, inner healing, and navigating the world. Add a picture of you!
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When Jess offered a certification course to learn to facilitate for others, I jumped in with both feet and became certified as an inner voice facilitator in fall 2020.

Facilitating the inner voice for others felt so natural for me, and my first clients and test subjects gave me rave reviews.

By the end of 2021, I was holding weekly workshops in a personal growth community, and finding that I could help hotseat participants easily drop in to this space.

But through my own continued inner voice practice, I came to understand much more about my calling beyond simply holding a session here and there. My work and life mission is about creating a path for the transformation of humanity — and I’ve come to believe that it takes direct guidance from consciousness itself to evolve past the current level of human egoic awareness.

Holding regular conversations with inner voice is a way to be guided directly by consciousness into what’s needed to transition into realization, enlightenment, and mastery.

I decided to turn my life into an experiment. What would happen if I followed my inner voice’s guidance with the intention of allowing the full transformation of the human according to what’s shown from within?

So in January 2022, I put my fledgling business on hold and dove deep into my own personal retreat away from much external interaction. For 4 1/2 months, I asked question after question about what is being, what is human, and how the whole thing works.

I questioned the hidden assumptions, asked the verboten one — the ones we’re not “supposed to” ask. I demanded the real. Came to a crisis of faith. And emerged in deeper trust than I could have imagined.

And with hundreds of thousands of words of powerful, deep, meaningful content, filled with the answers humanity has been looking and praying and pondering for, over the ages.

As that season came to a close, I turned my focus to how to organize and bring out the wealth of wisdom I had received and continue to receive in a way that’s honoring to my authenticity and serving to humanity.

In 2023 I held a beta of how to bring this work out, including group and one on one work.

Which brings me to today, in 2024, developing business structure and ways to serve up what’s ready to meet specific needs humans are with today.