Terms and conditions

Thank you for your interest in working with me! I'm not really a fan of legalese, but it can be helpful to have a basis for shared understanding about what we're doing as we work together. So I won't be using much legal language, but rather sharing what can be seen as a basis of this work. 💓

If you have specific questions, know that you can email me directly — the below is intended more as a base starting point for working from than some rigid set of rules. 😊


Through Inner Voice Life, I, Eva Live, provide spiritual teaching, facilitation, coaching, and other transformational services. These services are intended to support your personal growth and development. They aren't traditional therapy, counseling, or medical treatment. 

A huge focus of my work is helping you access your inner knowing and develop your own personal sovereignty. Along the way, I'll bring directions and assign homework as needed. I'll provide encouragement to take the steps that are needed to foster your growth. But the ultimate choice of where you go with this work is your own. Any coaching I provide or insights I help you come to don't constitute legal, therapy, or medical advice, rather they may serve as support for you to intentionally create a life that is more and more aligning to your ultimate choice.

It's common for people new to this work to question the source of what they're receiving. While I feel very confident in guiding my clients to their deep, loving, wise awareness, I don't guarantee that any specific message arises from that space. It's been my experience that those just learning this work may veer back and forth from their true inner voice (stemming from source knowing) to the mind, and sometimes there's a mixture. This is fine and to be expected as you're learning this skill. I teach in my work how to more and more differentiate the source of what you receive, but the nature of the facilitation isn't about getting perfect messages or the "right answers" to questions your mind is asking; it's about learning a skill of communicating what your being already knows with your human understanding.

While you may receive insights that clarify aspects of big life decisions you're making, the purpose of this work isn't to come to your inner voice and be told what to do. The choice of how to interpret and act on what you receive is always yours.


I hold everything you share of a personal nature in our private sessions as confidential (unless disclosure is legally required, or you say otherwise). In group sessions, I request all group members to keep other participants' personal shares as confidential.

I may share general insights that were come to during these sessions (again, unless you request otherwise about an insight that came through you). When I share insights my client came to I usually anonymize who it was, unless you prefer to be named. Any insights that arise through me I consider free to share, while protecting my client's privacy in sharing about any context, unless we discuss otherwise.

If there's a session that's more public, such as a workshop or course call that's being recorded that I may share or sell later, I'll let you know so you can decide how much to share. In these types of sessions, I normally make the option to pause the recording for any participants who would like to share something more private.

When there's something I would like to share publicly that seems like a grey area between general insight and personal share, I'll check in with you about it.

I store our private call recordings and private notes and conversations on servers such as Otter, OneDrive, Zoom, Simplero, and Notion within my password-protected accounts. I'll give you access to your own recordings via the sharing methods provided by these services.

Payment terms, rescheduling sessions, and refunds

Payment for services need to be made in advance, but I tend to allow payment plans where possible to make the services more affordable. I'm trusting that you'll follow through and pay for the sessions you received, even if sometimes the payment plan and session schedules don't align so that some sessions occur before the full payment has been made.

When it comes to canceling or rescheduling sessions, unless the specific offer you signed up for indicates otherwise, I allow rescheduling when you're not able to show up ready for the deep work. It's really important for this work that we both show up when we're prepared to be present and fully engaged in the work, so if either of us aren't able to bring our intentional awareness to a meeting, we'll need to reschedule. However, I trust you to use this policy sparingly and let me know as far in advance as possible. 

It's important to this work that neither of us feels forced or stuck to complete whatever work we started. Each offer may have its own specific refund policy. Unless stated otherwise, if either of us feels unaligned with continuing our work together for whatever reason, we can cancel the remainder of the package. I don't give refunds for sessions already delivered, but I will refund the pro-rated portion of your package in that case.

About the results

Your mind may expect or want specific results from this work, but I'm actively intending to support your underlying wisdom and deeper choices for your soul purpose rather than your mind's wants. So what you receive from this work may be entirely different and likely beyond your mind's expectations. 

It's been my experience that the biggest shifts for me happened when I made time to process and reflect my inner voice sessions. So I'm making homework a requirement for ongoing working with me. It's not about putting in more mental effort, but it is about making space for the work to transform you. You'll need to actively participate in the process and follow up in your daily life on what happens in our sessions (even if sometimes that means relaxing more and demanding even less of yourself than you normally would!).

And while I may suggest and assign certain actions, your actions both in and out of the coaching sessions are your own responsibility.😊

What happens in our work together is based on both of our intentions, abilities, and choices. So I'm not guaranteeing any specific results. I'm intending to support the most loving effect that's available via our work together. 💓

The legal stuff

Okay to end with a bit of legalese 😏, Eva Live and Inner Voice Life will not be liable for any damages arising from the use of our services. Clients agree to indemnify Eva Live and Inner Voice Life against any claims resulting from their use of the services. Eva Live and Inner Voice Life reserves the right to terminate the coaching relationship for any reason. As stated above, a pro-rated refund will be given upon termination unless clearly stated otherwise in the specific product purchased. The legal jurisdiction for any disputes is the State of Washington, USA.

Eva Live retains the ownership of all materials provided during the coaching process, and clients may use provided materials for personal use only, not for commercial purposes (unless we agree otherwise). However, clients may use the general ideas learned and discovered through the process in their own words, and build on the insights in their own work, whether commercial or personal.

The client's own work within this process is their property, but insights and ideas derived from the work together may be used by Eva Live and Inner Voice Life for teaching and marketing purposes unless discussed otherwise.

Eva Live reserves the right to amend these terms. Notice will be provided to existing clients currently working together, but may not be provided to former clients (so check back on the terms when you purchase a new product if that's something you are curious about/need to know).