Receive one on one guidance into your inner voice.

I'm currently offering one on one facilitated inner voice sessions. You can book a single session or choose from the package options.

Single inner voice session

If you want to try out connecting with your inner voice, or you'd love some one-time support, this is for you. You'll receive expert one on one facilitation into your inner voice, over 60-90 minutes. Click "book" to choose a time and purchase.


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I have worked intimately with Eva over the past year . . . and trust her completely. She is a profound space holder with an ability to bring a unique perspective to every question and challenge. I’ve never felt more deeply and presently supported in my own personal healing and growth work and in developing and deepening my connection with Inner Voice. She is a gift and truly changed my life. I’m beyond grateful to have found her . . . and forever changed by her work 🤍

— Shawna A.

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Eva helped me feel safe and grounded. She provided space and gentle guidance for me to connect with my intuition deeper than I have before. She was in tune with my energy and asked all the right questions to bring forth wisdom from within. I look forward to more sessions with Eva and would definitely recommend working with her if you are wanting to connect with your inner voice!

— Raluca

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I am normally a very positive stable person but I recently had a very hard week, where depression had set in and I was struggling to see the light of hope at the end of my tunnel. Eva worked through two different exercises with me, including an inner voice session that allowed me to see below the pain body I was stuck in, as well as an exercise where I wrote out, over and over, my own previous words about how I believe in myself and my resolve. Between these two activities, my depression lifted over the course of 24 hours, to the point that I didn't even recognize the person from the week prior!

— Ken

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Inner voice packages

When you're ready for deep work, an inner voice package offers a structured approach to deepening your inner voice connection and growing in a specific area of your life. I've put together several package options, described below. Each topic is meant to build on each other, so you can start where you feel most called right now. Each package starts with finding or expanding your inner voice connection, so feel free to choose any option, even if you don't have prior inner voice experience.

If after completing one package you find deep resonance with this work and you'd like to continue, you can then purchase another option. We can also put together a custom package if you need.

Package details

Inner voice packages include 6 one on one sessions of 60 - 90 minutes, which you can individually book as you're ready. You'll have 4 months to use your sessions.

In order to ensure you receive the benefit of your deep work, I require homework of ~3 hours between each session. If your homework isn't done, you'll need to reschedule your session. You can read more about the homework in the FAQ's below.

Your Inner Voice Connection

Through this series of facilitated one-on-one sessions, you’ll get familiar with accessing the depths of your inner being in a safe, held environment. Getting comfortable with this space and realizing what is here can fast-track your inner journey, because you’ll be guided into depths you never realized were inside you.

Life Direction Clarity

This is a path to deep knowing that leads to clear understanding about your life purpose, calling, and reason for incarnating.

This is for you if you’re someone who has done a lot of personal growth work, but you still feel lost around your life direction — and this lack of clarity leads to a feeling of unease or downright depression or a deep hunger to understand what you’re actually here for.

The Path to Sovereignty

If you’ve found yourself molding to to what surrounds you, living at the whims of what other people want from you, and not living out your sovereign choosing, it may be time to find the path of sovereignty.

This is for you if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by needs and requests or simply the energetic pull from those around you. It feels like you need and are ready for finding your own alignment and living that through your life.

Support in Transition

This is for you when everything breaks. 

Whatever was your anchor is suddenly ripped away — whether that's a job, partner, or community. Suddenly you find yourself unmoored. 

You may go into depression or feel totally stressed about what's next, not to mention that you desperately need to process what just happened.

Your mind may be running a million miles an hour trying to figure what what you need to do.

Your inner being is the place to move beyond the mind's antics, process deeply, and receive loving support to be able to enter the next phase of your life. 

I'll combine inner voice work with holding space for processing emotions and accessing your inner power of choice.

Roots of People Pleasing

Calling all chronic people pleasers!

Feeling the obligation to please other people isn't freeing, but when you do that, it can be automatic, and you don't know how to get out.

I was there in early 2022, and it's a key element that prompted my 4.5 month inner voicing retreat

It took a lot of digging to come to the roots of what was causing that behavior, and I'm excited to share what I've learned through this package.

I'll also be guiding you into your own inner voice's wisdom to look at what's causing the people pleasing patterns in your own life.

How Direction Works

When you frequently feel confused about what to do next, it can feel natural to reach out to a higher power to ask for guidance. 

Sometimes you may receive guidance that seems to generate a lot of synchronicities and everything feels like it's going well.

But other times it doesn't turn out that way. When you reach out for guidance, you may hear nothing at all. When you do receive guidance, you may feel forced to do what you're "supposed to", or even find over time that it didn't work out the way you expected.

Over several years, I directed many questions to my inner voice about how direction is actually supposed to work, and I feel really clear now. In this package I'll be teaching you what I learned and guiding you to your own inner voice to develop your own clarity about how direction works.

Sign up for a package

To purchase any of the above packages, click the purchase button below. You'll be redirected to an order form where you can select the package option you chose.

After purchase, you'll be redirected to a page where you can book your first session. My session times are currently set to 10 am or 4 pm Pacific Time on certain weekdays. If needed, you can see what specific times are available now via my single session booking link. If those times don't work for you, email me with your time zone and 3 times that tend to work for you, and we can work something out.

$900, payable at once or in 3 monthly payments of $300 each.

Frequently asked questions

What's the required homework?

The homework includes the following:

  • Listen back to the session and write down key takeaways

  • Practice anything your inner voice suggested

  • Fill out the worksheet recap of how your homework went by the evening before your next session

    • Receiving your recap enables me to fine-tune your next session and go directly into teaching as we start the session, since I’ll already know how the work is playing out in your life.

    • The recap form I’ll be providing will have prompts to make it relatively easy to summarize what you learned from your session and how you integrated it into your life, as well as what questions it brought up for you.

  • Journal about what comes up for you or what you feel inspired about based on the session (optional).

Based on my own processing time of my sessions, I anticipate it will take you at least 3 hours over the 2 weeks between each session to process, potentially more.

I’ve found integrating sessions to be so pivotal in my own growth that I’m making it not optional — if you're not able to turn in the homework worksheet on time, we'll need to reschedule your next session. This is because each session builds on each other, so we can’t proceed if you haven’t integrated the prior session.

I hope this doesn’t lead to stress and overwhelm for you, and being strict isn’t my favorite 🙁, but it’s what it feels like I authentically need in order to effectively teach, coach, and facilitate your sessions.

So only sign up if you can commit to doing the work between sessions. 😀 However, you can take as long as you need between sessions to complete the homework — just know that you need to use up all the sessions within 4 months.

What will happen during the sessions?

Each session will include a teaching, a facilitated inner voice deep-dive, and a debrief. Most sessions include a teaching handout that includes the main points we cover during the teaching portion.

Canceling and rescheduling sessions

I’m intending to only show up for sessions when I know I’m prepared to facilitate, and I need to trust that when you arrive, you’re ready to do deep work, so if something comes up in your life that makes you unable to bring your full attention to the session, you'll be able to reschedule your session. I won’t charge for cancelations like that, because it’s critical that we both show up to the session ready to do deep work, and sometimes something gets in the way. I’m trusting that you’ll use this policy sparingly, only as needed.

What if something comes up after turning in the homework?

Once you turn in your homework, if something pertinent comes up that you know needs to be addressed in the session, either during the inner voice part, or a question that you need me to answer, please email me prior to the session — I’ll be checking email just before we start. This ensures that as we start the session, I can be confident that I have the information I need to facilitate what you’re ready for that day, so we can jump directly into deep work, making the most of the session time.

What if I don’t get to my inner voice right away?

Because this process may be new to you, your mind may fear that it won’t work for you. While I’ve facilitated for probably 50 to 100 clients and workshop participants who successfully accessed their inner voice, the ability to speak with confidence from your inner voice is a learned skill.

The first session is entirely devoted to teaching you to access your inner voice via facilitation to enough ability to proceed with the package intentions.

If you need more time to develop that skill, we can either redesign your package to devote 1-2 more sessions to developing your inner voice ability while attempting to still come to at least some of the intended aspects of your package, or we can switch to focusing solely on your inner voice development for the remainder of the package.

If that’s the case, you can decide if you want to come back for round 2 at a later time.

If you try the process and decide after the first session that this work isn’t a fit for you, I’ll refund the pro-rated price of your remaining sessions.

What if I have more questions?

Please email me directly at, and I’ll be glad to get back to you.

About Eva Live

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Eva Live is an inner voice facilitator and spiritual coach and teacher who helps clients tune in to hear inner wisdom directly. Raised in evangelical Christianity, she journeyed through deconstruction of religious beliefs in search of what's real. After a spiritual re-awakening, she developed the ability to be led by Source directly into realization and mastery via inner voice conversations.

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