Beyond Superstition

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Your life doesn't have to be determined by fate.

People get really excited about synchronicities, and it's common to assume they have some grand meaning. 

For example, on a Bachelor in Paradise episode I watched, one of the women went on a date with a new guy that had just showed up. This is after declaring her affections the night before for someone else.

On the date, there was a shooting star and a little while later, there was a racoon. She took both to be “signs” that this is the one she’s “supposed to” date, and she then proceeded to dismiss the man she'd been connecting with without any compassion or responsibility for the way that she had treated him.

While this event in the TV show was overdramatized for audience interest, to me it was another example of how people assume synchronicities work. And it highlighted how following these kinds of signs can be done even from a totally narcissistic, unfeeling, unloving place, one that's far removed from the core of love in Spirit I've experienced in dropped in spaces.

This episode put an exclamation point on something that had come up in the workshop I'd held two days prior, on "Beyond Superstition": a clarity that synchronicities are more of a side effect! They're not the main event.

But humans receive synchronous happenings and signs as if that's all you're due from the divine. The inner voice gave the analogy of a dog that's licking up crumbs that fell from the table, thinking this was the meal and it's all that its master is going to give it to eat. But that's not the meal. That's not all there is.

We can get so excited when we see street signs that all align to a direction we're considering heading. But those signs aren't the direction. The direction is within you. It's in knowing that permeates the contexts of your life and comes through you in clear acting, without confusion.

When synchronicities are going on, energy is coalescing towards an expression.

But there's much more to see here, when you're ready to move beyond the glimpses of synchronous happenings that occur naturally and appear in signs and shooting stars and racoons. And you're ready to come toward the fullness of all that we are.

$20, 1.5 hours pre-recorded workshop