Pulling the roses apart

Pulling the roses apart

I’ve been sitting with things that are coming up as I am returning to the world of human relating after an extended cocoon-y experience away.

One thing I’m noticing is one way that humans relate, especially in spiritual communities, is to point out what’s wrong with each other.

It’s kind of assumed that if you’re looking to progress on your journey, then you should want feedback so you can see where you’re stuck, so you can find freedom. But when I recently experienced that dynamic of having something pointed out in me, it didn’t feel good or aligning at all.

So I brought it up to inner voice, and rather than fully addressing the thing the other people saw — that I’m looking to be validated by other humans — the inner voice instead addressed the assumption that the human should allow other humans to poke at it and find its flaws:

‘This picking out, finding fault with, seeing what is “wrong” in the other, this negates to at least some extent that it is our role to bring it where it needs to go, to bring to it what it needs, and to reveal to it so that light comes naturally into these places. And what is clenched may be held openly and without fear. Now there is a frame of fear appearing to another whose role or imagined role is to help free other humans from fear. Then it would take this one [this fear] to try to uncover the source of [the fear], and that may not even be what [the human] is ready for.

It’s kind of like if a rose is in bud stage, and you think it should be a fully open flower, you come along and pull the petals apart. But that doesn’t open it. It destroys it.

My experience has been that there are many stuck areas, cluttered and messy, buried deep in layers of rubble. But there has been a deepening and deepening and still more falling into trust. And that trust is of Being to do that work, to guide the human out of its morass. And there’s a letting go and allowing in recognizing that even though the human is in choice to come into full clearness, it isn’t its job (especially the mind’s job!) to make that happen.

So when I send that responsibility “down”, back to source, and invite inner voice to teach it, I see it all unfolding naturally and beautifully, and what appeared hidden and dark becoming clear, beautiful, coherent.

So then what is the way, what’s the potential, of relating to humans about your spiritual journey when you’re being guided that way?

Perhaps, at some point here or down this road, we'll find out . . .


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