An experiment with “choosing the freeway”

An experiment with “choosing the freeway”

Since I wrote that last post about choosing the freeway, I’ve been trying it out more on myself in my daily life, with some pretty cool results.

An experiment with “choosing the freeway”

For a while, I’ve been working on having an effective routine that works well for my human system, and the more I open up my business, the more critical it feels to do that, as there is a need for spending significant time every day on my inner voice work (including creating what will be library content to share), plus focused time on the business — and there are many organizational aspects to that work, but I also want to start opening up one on one sessions soon, for those who want to try it out. (If that’s something you’re interested in, see below — I actually just opened up some spots on my calendar to offer this to anyone on this email list!)

But what happens is if I push from mind to constantly be working, I burn out.

I know this from way too many attempts to pressure myself into accomplishing all the things my mind thinks “should” get done.

Instead, I’ve figured out that what generally works is to set up routine time blocks throughout the day for each aspect of my life. This helps my mind to calm, seeing that there is a time for handling each aspect of life, and there’s also a time every evening for relaxation.

But what doesn’t work is when I put pressure on myself to go out in the evening.

I just moved to a new town, and I don’t know many people here, so it feels to my mind like I “should” go out and meet people — but where? Doing what? The mind doesn’t know those answers, but still adds pressure to that evening time block when I actually need to be resting.

In the long term, I’d rather spend evening hours engaged in connecting with other humans in loving ways, but right now that doesn’t feel so available or ready. Instead, I’ve lately been watching reality TV shows during that time, and even typing that, I notice my mind doesn’t want to announce that publicly, anticipating that other minds will see that as “non-spiritual” — because actually watching TV shows every evening isn’t in alignment with my highest vision for my life. But it is what feels available to me, right now.

After a day of working hard on my business and then trying to maintain the household and my daughter’s needs, right now my human needs downtime.

So rather than pushing and efforting in that space to go out in the lowest energy time of day to try to do a high-energy action of meeting people, I’m choosing that freeway. I took it out of the realm of wanting and resisting going out or being productive in the evening, and I chose that every evening, I stay home and relax.

Now what that does in my system is take away that pressurized decision in the evening, when I don’t really have the capacity to decide that. The decision is already made — I introvert in the evening, and I set up an early-afternoon time block to go out and explore, when I do have more energy.

It’s feeling really good to decide that, because now that there’s a sense of choosing that available path, it feels like the choosing is coming from below the mind’s wanting and resisting and trying to decide what to do. I just know what to do, because I already chose. And when that space does open up more, and something comes available, and it’s totally in flow with plenty of energy, from that deeper same space of choosing, I can decide to do that — but not from the place of mind trying to figure out what to do.

So this is my little experiment on myself in choosing the freeway, allowing what is to exist, not fighting it, nor demanding more from the human than it can now come to.

Summarized from inner voice:

When the mind attempts to enforce a should while battling an urge to placate itself, in either case, it is not the sovereignty that is choosing here. There is a chooser, the sovereignty that chooses to act from love, with love, or to give up and robot itself, following whims and urges and mind wants.

If you try any “choosing the freeway” experiments, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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