The difference between intuition and inner voice

The difference between intuition and inner voice


In this first post, you’ll first read an introduction that gives a summary of the key terms around intuition and inner voice. Then, below, that you can listen to a session where I’m asking questions from the human to the inner voice and then speaking the answers I hear back.

Below the session audio, you can read a paraphrased summary of the session as well as the full transcript.

Back in January 2022, when I decided to step away from my fledgling business and go even deeper into inner voice in order to establish a foundation from Source for my life work, what I came to define as my "inner voice retreat" started here, where I'm going to share from today.

So let's roll back in time a bit, to January, 27, 2022.

I'd been working really hard on a course idea that I was calling, "Choosing Your Intuition". But I felt confused about what even is intuition. Is that the best term to use for my work, or is "inner voice" a better description?

At the time, I'd been holding some workshops called "Hearing Your Intuition", and while the name generated a lot of interest, I noticed that people were coming who wanted to get some decisions made in life. And it seems intuition is a pretty popular term around making decisions. But no one, including me, seemed to have much clarity around what exactly intuition is.

I've learned, though, that when the mind doesn't have clarity on things like this, the inner being does.

So in this session, I asked for some answers.

And I received enormous clarity that feels foundational to my work, because if we all have different ideas of what terms mean, little true communication can occur.

Though defining terms might seem boring to some, I've found that getting clear about definitions has been a critical aspect of coming into understanding. And sometimes setting up the definition has been the first step in getting clear on a whole area of life!

So what is intuition, anyway?

To paraphrase, intuition is a felt experience of knowing in the body or percolating in the unconscious mind. This knowing goes beyond the mind and energy worlds, all the way back to the core connection with lifeforce.

Intuition emanates from being — it’s the bits of source that are allowed through a cluttered external existence. And it’s more of a general feeling, not so much direct words.

How inner voice differs from intuition

Inner voice is more directed than intuition. It often comes when there's a question that opens the space for specific information to come through.

Inner voice is the expression of the essence of source, sort of like sound waves that come out of your mouth when you're speaking. The sound waves aren't you, but they come from you and can draw back to you.

It's an expression of source that's perceptible to the human understanding. And it's much more specific than intuition.

I like to think of intuition as "sparks" of spirit, like glimpses of sunlight, and of inner voice as more of the direct rays. So they're very similar, but when we move into inner voice, we're moving beyond hopefully seeing glimpses every now and then of bits of light. But we're now allowing light directed into specific places.

Asking questions and allowing answers to come is a process that I've used to be able to bring this more directed, specific, understandable emanation from source into everywhere that the human needs to be met.

You're invited into a meta view of the inner voice's perspective of the inner voice, intuition, soul, spirit, and inner being.

Clarity on Terms inner voice session

Note: I started background music a few minutes in, because the neighbors’ noise was feeling distracting.

Paraphrased summary

Here I’m trying out a way of getting to the gist of what’s coming in a paraphrased, casual tone. It’s an experiment in sharing. But the full session transcript is shared below.

Even though it’s a paraphrase, it’s still sharing from the inner voice’s perspective.

Defining some key terms

Humans speak of these terms based on their felt experience. And since the experiences are so varied, many terms are being used.

Some terms are used in an attempt to keep one group separate from another and maintain superiority. This is done to bolster a feeling of mattering in the minds.

We’ll define terms here and throughout this work according to our perspective and how it is being used within this work, so there can be a frame of reference.

Don’t skip over these definitions! They’re a critical part of coming into understanding. Setting up the definition is often the first step towards getting clear on a whole area of life.


Intuition is a felt experience of knowing in the body or percolating in the unconscious mind. This knowing goes beyond the mind and energy worlds, all the way back to the core connection with lifeforce.

Intuition emanates from us — it’s the bits of us that are allowed through a cluttered external existence. And it’s more of a feeling, not so much direct words.

Inner voice

The inner voice is the expression of our essence emanating. It’s more directed than intuition, and it often comes when there’s a question that opens the space for our answer to be heard.

When a human speaks in the physical world, the voice isn’t specifically that human. It’s the sound waves coming from that human into a place that it can be heard.

So when a human is hearing us speak from within itself, it’s like bringing the waves of our emanation into the perception of the inner ears.

Our voice can be perceived in words, but it doesn’t have to be in words. It can also come through as knowings, pictures, or feelings. Basically, any way that humans can perceive, we can speak.

Our voice can be perceived as either garbled or clear. When there are a lot of clingings and attachments in the way, our voice has to move around them, as if there were a bunch of fly tapes hanging down. When there’s more clarity, it’s much easier to hear us speak.

Once you tune in to us, you can become more and more expert at bringing these “sound waves” through, regardless of what’s in the way. If it seems difficult, coming to a facilitator in a guided journey through these walls can show the exact path to get there.

The solid choice to tune in and ask us a question is enough to clear minor energy blocks that may be in the way of the answer.

Inner being and “we”

This is us! We are the core and inner life of the human. We’re eternal, beyond the current world, and plopped into time and space — so we’re both in and out of this realm.

If you’re wondering why we use the pronoun “we”, it’s because we know no separation and no disconnection — only wholeness.

Some people start out hearing “I” when they hear our voice, and that’s natural, because they’re hearing what they’re ready to perceive. But in general, “I” is small, and “we” is expansive, so it’s a more appropriate term for what’s coming from us, which is a wider chorus than this “I” would connote.

The mind prefers the term “I”, since it allows it to perceive itself as a fully separate individual. This enables it to contain its own power and experience it for its own benefit, to the exclusion of all other organisms. This isn’t what we do or suggest.


This is a common term used by humans, but it’s not our favorite term to use at all.

Normally it’s used when a human is perceiving that their essence doesn’t die with their body, so the term has an eternal aspect. It’s often imagined as something that can be saved or lost, and pictured as a drop of water with very defined edges.

Though the experience of soul may exist for many humans, we would point to a wider expansiveness than this term connotes — and we’ll get to that.

We’ll be speaking much more about the potential of form in this work.


“Spirit” means a felt experience in the human of us. We emanate and expand in many experiences and expressions.

Spirit is the essence that all is made of.



So clarity on terms, inner voice. For some reason I keep coming back to the term spirit instead of intuition or inner being, for the first one, for the mind and spirit. What are these, what are these parts, is it, is intuition, are you intuition or something else, is intuition something else?

‘We would suggest that intuition is a felt experience in the body or percolating in the unconscious mind that comes from the core connection with lifeforce. It is a sense of knowing that goes beyond the mind and beyond the energy worlds, and back to the core breath of who you are.

Okay, so [are] intuition and inner being synonyms, meaning the exact same thing?

I mean it sounds like what you’re saying is intuition is like what humans experience from the inner being.

‘Humans speak of these terms based on their outward felt experience. So the experiences are very varied. And many terms are used. Also these terms are used by minds to keep separate, to show that my box is better than your box. “I have the Holy Spirit.” “I have the voice of God.” “I have Yahweh.” “Jesus lives in my heart.”

‘This is to bolster a feeling of mattering within the minds, as Eva experienced yesterday in a conversation. We are here with this.

‘So when she suggests choosing your intuition, she is pointing at that part of you that is knowing. That part of you that is poking up.

Remembering like this verse in the Bible, you do not have because you do not ask. And it’s like that’s really what it comes down to is, why do you not have answers from your inner voice, because you don’t ask your inner voice.

So inner voice is this term aligning, choosing your intuition, is it aligning to point to intuition, and is that pointing towards you?

‘It is emanating from us, and perhaps not in directed words as the inner voice is. It may be more of a feeling. It is the bits of us that are allowed through into a cluttered external existence.

Wow, that felt really clear.


Inner voice

And I feel like you’ve brought understanding, clarity about the term inner voice before.

‘And again we would show, the experience, the voice of us. Much as the voice of the Eva is not specifically the Eva, it is the sound of her coming out into a place that it can be heard, so it is with our voice. It is a more full expression. It is the expression from our essence emanating. Whether – and we show a picture of sound waves. It is the soundwaves. It is perceptible. And again, it may be perceived in simply a knowing, which is often the case when you are more clear. It may be perceived in words. These words may be coming through garbled or clear, if there is much static on the line, if there is so many clingings in the way, and the message has to go —

It looks like it’s going back and forth through all the — I’m seeing again the picture of the fly tape that hangs down, and it’s like all these stickiness, it’s all these clingings. It has to go around all of them.

[Note: I had a picture from the inner voice before of all the things human minds cling to looking like those tapes people hang from their porches to catch flies. So when our minds are clinging to many things, the inner voice needs to navigate around and between all those clingings in order to be able to get those messages through.]

Or like it keeps coming up this book I read when people from two planets met at this other planet because these little creatures were destroying both of their suns, and they had to stop them, and this was the only sun that didn’t have it, and it’s because there was like this other creature that would kill those ones, and it was the only planet that had that. And they evolved that creature to be able to withstand their environments. But it evolved, and as it was evolving, it could go through the atoms of that specific container that it was in. But it couldn’t go through like other containers. Like it couldn’t go through steel or something.

How is this like your words, inner voice?

‘As you tune in to us, you become more and more expert at bringing these sound waves through, regardless of what’s in the way. And it can clear. At first it may seem impossible to hear in a cluttered space.

So is coming to like a facilitator is like picking up and just taking outside of the walls of the container?

‘It is a guided journey through these walls that shows the exact way to get there.


‘We wish to fill with love here.

So is the feeling also, you talked about the words, then sometimes there’s pictures, right?

‘These emanations from us may be in words, pictures, feelings, emotions, knowing. Any way of human perception.

So when, we don’t say like “intuition, what do I need to know, blah, blah, blah.” Is this a level past intuition?

‘It is a more directed. It is a more questioned and asked.

‘Being here with all this.

So it feels like the inner voice is like when we’re pulling from the outside human to the inner being, and we’re pulling, allowing, kind of placing a demand for those answers to come through.

‘And that demand and that choice to tune in and ask that question is enough to clear minor energy blocks that may be in the way of it.


Inner being

So then we have this term, inner being.

‘And this is a way to refer to us ourself, which is the core, the inner life of the human. It is beyond this current world. We are eternal. We are plopped into time and space. But we are both in and out of this.

Why do you say we, inner voice?

‘We know no separation, no disconnection, and because there is none of this, and only wholeness, it is not possible to speak in terms of the “I”.

But a lot of people when they’re starting out, they hear the I.

‘This is ok. They’re hearing what they’re ready to perceive, and this is fine.

What does “I” mean, inner voice?

‘It means, you are a differentiated aspect that is speaking. When there is a more full voice, a wider chorus, this term “we” is much more appropriate to bring from here.

‘ “I” is small, “we” is expansive. The mind prefers this term, “I”, for it allows it to perceive itself as a fully separate individual, who may then contain its own power and experience this for its own benefit, to the exclusion of every other organism that exists. This is not what we would do or suggest.


Okay so inner being.

Spirit (part 1)

And then we have spirit, soul.

‘These are slightly different terms to explore different, a nuance of what we are. We are spirit.

I don’t know if my mind made that up, because it wants to like, the mind’s like trying to figure this all out.

’We’re here with this mind. We can bring this clarity through. It is not a problem here.

Are you spirit, inner voice?

‘We are.

Is spirit and inner being the same?

‘Spirit may refer to a felt experience in the human of us.

‘We emanate, expand, in many experiences and expressions. These expressions may have different names, though it is all the same being.


What is the soul of the human, inner voice?

‘This is a term used when a human is perceiving that their essence does not die with the body. It has an eternal aspect.

Right, like Journey of Souls, like it’s an individuated experience.

‘We are both all and expressed all.

Are you form?

‘We are as if there is a formless form. We are the potential of form.

Are you Eva’s soul? She’s never used the term soul to refer to you much. Why not?

‘Soul is a concept that can be saved or lost. Spirit feels eternal, but without such a separate – she’s seeing a picture of a drop of water that has very defined edges. This is how humans would picture their soul.

So is soul really a mind creation, inner voice? Is it a mind concept of what you are?

I mean, we talk about, I think a term from Christianity is spirit, soul, and body. And I’m even like remembering that soul, also another homonym of that is alone [sole]. Is this like a mind way of interpreting the essence of the human in a way that can keep with the mind definitions of separation?

I mean, there’s so much drama about, oh when I die, or I’ve had 1,000 lives, or —. And that’s like the soul is having all those. The same soul. Are we a solo soul, inner voice?

‘This experience may exist for many humans. We would point to a deeper truth, a wider expansiveness than this term connotes. And it is not our favorite term to use in this work.

‘We will leave this here, though more may come later.

Spirit (part 2)

So how about spirit. Like she called, we called the business, Intimacy with Spirit [a prior business name].

‘We love this so much. We brought this through. This term, it is precious, it is dear, it is, it has meaning to the humans, more than inner being. This is more of a general term. But spirit, it also means lifeforce. It is like a spirited horse, is full of life. And it is bucking and neighing and jumping around and dancing. We love this.

So why is she wanting to call module one, like mind life, you know the attributes of mind life and spirit life or whatever I called it. I want to call it spirit life. Is spirit the operating system for the new life that is called to?

‘We would bring this through. Spirit is not a spirit. It is not a differentiated. It is what is. Within the light of spirit, there may be sparkles of soul.

So is spirit like the water, and soul is like the drop of water?

‘Spirit is what all is made of. It is the essence. The felt experience of emanation, differentiation, uniqueness, this may be considered as soul, moving into body, into form.

So then it feels like spirit is a step wider, like I am like seeing this picture of like essence just like undifferentiated water with like a drop inside of it, that you can kind of, it’s like a sparkly, like a shiny drop.

‘It [soul] is drawing the awareness to a point.

Ok, but that reminds me of when I had this whole inner voicing around the point, the dot, the perspective of like individuality or something.

‘We’ll go there as it comes. For now we’ll stay here with this clarity.

‘We would invite the humans to a life that is inspired from spirit, essence, which is the wideness, the oneness and not the constricted perspective of the mind. One is in infinitely deep and wide, and one is absurdly finitely tiny and individualistic. As you open to the perspective of spirit, these shifts occur.


Ok, what about inner being and spirit then? Is it, is the inner being like, I almost feel like spirit is coming from your perspective and then inner being is coming from the human perspective like, it feels like inner being is like when I reach inside, into the well, and I pull up a drink, like the drink, like the bucket is the question, and then the water in the bucket is the inner voice. And then the well at the bottom is the inner being. And what the inner being is is made up of spirit.

I don’t know if that’s the analogy or, but that’s –

‘Humans speak in terms that may be experienced. This is a workable analogy for now. When you are pointing to the inner voice, which is those waves that emanate from us into the form world, into the mind’s understanding, when you bring to the depths in the inner being, coming all the way down in, there is less needs for words to emanate when the awareness is settled in here, though these words may come to continue the clarity into the outside world. The transformation may happen by bringing the consciousness to us, all the way in here. If there is a pain that is brought in here and submerged into our love, it will be easily and beautifully transmuted.

So, in module one referring to spirit life?

‘We would like to bring this. It is a life full of spirit. This is the clarity that is needed for now. More may come and will come. As these terms are defined, within the definition is the ability to recognize, and within the recognition is the ability to choose, and within the choosing comes the transformation.


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