Why inner voice work is an ideal way to come to life direction clarity

Life direction clarity

I recently read a blog post where the author described his experience with “the abyss”, a situation he found himself in after spending years building up a successful business, only to discover it just doesn’t feel like the thing he’s here on this planet to create.

That niggling feeling of unclarity around your life direction, what you’re here for, what you’re about, what your potential is seems so common — far more common than a pervasive confidence that you know what you’re born to do.

Recently I considered that confidence that I feel around my life’s work, and I realized that it’s carried me through so much hardship over 5 years since I started trying to build a business, and then faced roadblock after roadblock in bringing that out. But the clarity of my life mission only increased along the way, so that there was never a question as to what is in me to bring into the world. And due to that clarity and confidence, I just never quit.

Sitting with that blog post, I realized that while the author had tried many types of inner work that help to navigate the inner darkness he experienced, the inner voice work I’ve been developing is uniquely suited to bringing humans into clarity about life direction, for 4 key reasons.

  1. Inner voice work is designed to bring you conceptual understanding that’s based on your deep knowing.

    Understanding your life direction is about having mental clarity with an underlying sense that you know that you know it. The inner voice process is uniquely designed to both take you into the place of deepest knowing and translate the insights perceived there into human language that’s being recorded, which the mind can later listen back to and understand.

  2. It’s effective at both perceiving what blocks your clarity and making it available to release.

    While your mind may flounder in various hypotheses and guesses as to what makes it so hard to feel confident in your life direction, your inner voice knows. I can’t count how many times my mind made up a story, but when I asked my inner voice about it, stunningly freeing clarity emerged far beyond what my mind had thought up.

    Understanding what is blocking you from seeing while in a place of deep love also brings the potent availability to let go of clinging to old assumptions that may be in the way of clearly perceiving what your life on earth is all about.

  3. It’s an efficient way of moving your awareness to the area of knowing about your life direction. Asking direct questions enables the awareness to “travel” to the place of knowing around the life direction clarity and access it in human language.

  4. It takes you to the realm of knowing and being and loving that’s beyond concepts. The knowing you come to during inner voice sessions is far beyond concepts. There’s a depth to it that makes you know that you know — confident in your knowing — and where you can see the purpose, the meaning, the love, that underlies it all.

Just having a concept you can write out on paper, like a business mission statement, isn’t enough. The words of it are not your purpose, just an artifact of it, like an envelope that holds the actual contents of it inside.

The inner voice process takes you into the contents where you receive the depth of it, and you also bring out the concepts so you can remember and use what you received in your external life.

So as I considered what is the next offer to bring through my business, the idea percolated to develop a one on one package entirely devoted to coming to clarity around life direction.

This offer is expressly designed for those who have done a lot of personal growth work, but still feel lost around life direction — and this lack of clarity leads to a feeling of unease or downright depression or a deep hunger to understand what you’re actually here for. You’re ready to do the work it takes to open up to what you’re really here to do.

If that’s you, or if you know someone struggling in this way, go here to learn more.


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