Life without masks

Life without masks

Two weeks ago my health crashed. Symptoms of pain after eating heavy food, which I’d experienced on and off for months became impossible to ignore. Now two weeks of mostly-liquid fasting later, I’m finally facing the results of overwhelming my system with too much, in so many ways.

But that’s been the way of things for a long time. We don’t want to look at what isn’t working. So we sweep it under the rug, hide under the couch cushions, shove it into dark closets that we never dare to open.

We live around it.

We pretend it’s not there.

Sometimes we judge ourselves for not facing things, and we try to tear them out of the closet. Then we’re stuck right in our face with blatant fear.

It’s actually healthy and needed sometimes to not face everything. The ability to shove it away and move on anyway is critical when we don’t have the skills, nor capacity, nor energy to face every underlying symptom there is. But it can also be just simple procrastination.

An emergency protocol when there’s way too much to see at once becomes a way of life when we constantly live with things packed in boxes that loom way over our heads, and we tiptoe around them.

When heavy unbearable things are hidden in their careful piles, attempting to fix it by pulling them all out at once won’t work.

What’s needed is to learn the skills to patiently deal with them. And then lovingly, bit by bit, open those dark hidden things and let them be seen.

As they’re ready.

5 years ago I started website making, and I built more and more onto that initial structure. There’s valuable work there, but it’s not my current work or intention to create in the world.

The last two weeks in between dealing with the health crisis, I’ve been archiving all that needs to be saved from those old systems, bringing it into current places to be able to offer it in new ways that are aligning now. Choosing to let go of the old, that no longer is truly needed, to make space for what is ready to emerge.

One audio, an early inner voicing from 2020, popped up in all that archiving: “Life without masks”. It seems so relevant to the theme of looking at old, hidden things.

When you feel fear from opening up something you normally keep hidden away, this beautiful message from my inner voice offers a freeing, healing perspective.

This audio can be listened to like a meditation. It invokes your inner safety, right when you feel open, exposed, and vulnerable.


Life without masks inner voice audio

Nov 18, 2020

Have you ever been triggered thinking that you hurt someone else? Mind whirling, gut in turmoil, convinced you really messed up. The question in that moment is, am I safe? How can I be safe when I just hurt someone?

Or how can I be safe when I feel vulnerable, when I exposed myself openly and was rejected?

I was triggered in both those ways one morning recently, and I took myself into an inner voice session. After bringing the pain I was feeling to the light and love of my inner being, I received this message, which healed me.

I’ve since listened to this recording over and over. Every time I hear it, it brings a sense of peace.

Note: In the audio, the word “serpent” is referring to an analogy I received earlier of the ego.




‘You put it in the open. And the open is good, and the open is safe. This is where you want to play. Not in the shadows, not in the pretend. You want to play with the mask off. And not be hiding away.

So I took the masks off. Is it safe to play that way with him?

‘It’s safe to play that way always. Always. The masks are not needed, the masks are not safe. You think you’re safer that way. But it’s safe to open and expose. And when you expose, and you’re seen, sometimes it’s shocking, and it’s attacked. But that’s safe. Because you can come here.

‘The serpent doesn’t need to be safe. The character is always safe in love. And she can be hurt, but the hurt is part of the game. It helps you to release. The more you go free without the veil or the mask, the more you create the situations that set you freer.

So that’s when I get the triggers and the situations that bring up what’s ready to heal.

‘When you put the mask on, you hold the serpent. The mask is protecting that. It’s protecting the serpent.

So it’s safe, I can play the game always? With the mask off?

‘Throw it away my darling. Throw it away, throw it away. Just throw away the mask. Be here now, real in front of everyone, in front of anyone, in front of a single one. And if the ego comes up, that’s ok too. It’s an opportunity for them to heal that in them. If it triggers. It probably didn’t even trigger her. That’s your story.

I let go of that story right now, that it’s not ok to hurt someone.

‘You’re ok. Hurting or not hurting is irrelevant. You’re going to be here, fully here in the physical without the masks, and with the serpent still in place in some ways, in some times. It may rear, it may roar, it may even bite and strike. And yes it will hurt, and it will make a sore, but they have their inside too, and their inside to heal their outside. And that will be beautiful for them, if it happens that way.

‘And I know and I see this preference of the character to not do that, to not have the serpent bite and roar, but you can’t have the mask on and hold it in place to keep it from biting someone else. Cause you’re here to let it go. And in letting it go, if it roars, it’s ok. It’s better to roar than to mask.

So it’s ok if the serpent bites someone?

‘It’s ok. The healing on the other side of the bite is better than before. It brings up in them another space to let go.

‘This game that we play in this way is ok. This is a stage, and the stage will pass, and it will go deeper, and it will go easier, the more, the more, the more that you clear, the more that we clear, the more that we create that current, the easier it will be to go. The easier it will be to go. We’ll create it together.

Should I cancel that invitation?

‘No, no, this is beautiful, this is free, this is open, this is me. You can be here right now, fully, fully. And if he allows, and if he says yes, he can deeper, and that too is blessed. He can go deeper, all the way to his core, he can go inward, and he can see more, and he can clear more, and he can know more, and he can feel more, and he can love more. And this too is blessed, and this too is perfect, so sweet as can be. And you can also choose again, if there’s going to be another time. You don’t have to open all the way, continually, to this one, if it’s complete in this day.

‘You’ll know when it’s complete, you’ll know when it’s allowed, you’ll know when it’s fun and when it’s free and when it’s found. You’ll know all these things my darling, my lovely, you’ll know all these things and you’ll know what is holy. What is whole inside you will come forth right now as you allow and then allow and then allow. As you allow and then choose and allow and then choose, as you allow and then release, you’ll allow it right now. You’ll allow it all to be, even the serpent. You’re afraid of the serpent, but you don’t have to be afraid of the serpent, cause it’s just a little thing, a little tiny thing, and it’s going and it’s going, and it’s going, and it’s going. It’s not a problem for me, it’s not a problem right here, it’s not a problem inside, the only problem is fear.

‘The only problem is fear, and it’s not really a problem, because fear is a mirage, fear is an illusion. Fear is not real, fear is not here, fear is not known, not believed, not discovered, fear is a fraud that keeps you covered. So take off the covering, take off the veil, take off the mask, go free, unencumbered. Go free unencumbered, go free right here. Right here in the playing field that you call earth, that you call 3D, that you call the physical, play it right here. Play it right here, right here full out. Play it without the mask, watch it, it’s profound.

‘And when the serpent rears or when even in character it brings someone’s fear, that’s ok, they’ll go deeper. They’ll go deeper, or they’ll be triggered, they’ll stay in their fear. That’s ok, they’ll clear. They’ll clear, they’ll clear. They’ll clear when they’re ready, they’ll clear when they’re free, they’ll clear, it’s an invitation that you hold deeply. Even when the serpent rears from your roar, the inner you is still inviting the more. The inner you is still offering and inviting the more, the inner you is still holding space in the roar. It’s still holding space for their freedom right here. It’s still saying, offering, look here’s someone without mirrors. Here’s someone without masks, here’s someone who’s playing, a whole person, and yes sometimes that little piece will roar. But it’s ok too, it’s not real, it’s not known. It’s just a piece that’s going away, it’s just a storm.

‘And sometimes your storm rocks someone else’s boat, and if they go inside, they’ll find the peace, and they’ll float. They’ll find the peace, and they’ll discover, there’s freedom right here. In the rocking that you caused, they’ll find the love, right here. Right here that’s inside them, and it’s playing the game. It’s playing the game, Beloved, it’s playing it right here.

‘So come here, right here. Come here, right now. Come here and hold this right here, right now. Hold this in love, hold this in acceptance, hold this in knowing, it’s freedom, right here. It’s knowing right here, it’s loving right here.


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